Hear It: Heather's Albums

Light as a Feather

This album was inspired after my brother had a near-fatal car accident. As too frequently is the case, it took this devastating act to reawaken my talents, which for so many years had been laying dormant behind what appeared to be a "good job and enjoyable life". The end result is what sits before you now....My Inner Being.

On the album itself, each song if prefaced with scripture. These verses were my survival through MANY of life's tragedies, trials, and temptations BIG and Small! If you never listen to a single song on the album, PLEASE at the minimum...read these verses of comfort and inspiration!!!

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  1. Light as a Feather
  2. Over Again
  3. Romans 10:6-10
  4. Ascending]
  5. Holy
  6. In An Instant
  7. Gonna Dance
  8. Face Down
  9. Purpose
  10. Hold Me Close
  11. Words On My Heart
  12. Beanbag Chair
  13. Like Your Breath
  14. Seeing You

Musically Math

September of 2007 Heather Lynne Zeo released her educational C.D. "Musically Math" including 14 Secondary Level Math Songs geared toward memorization of math facts ranging from basic Algebra to Geometry, even Statistics and Probability. There is one bonus track (15) with a song about the Capitals of the States.

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Track Listing: Click on song name to hear a preview or purchase in iTunes.

  1. SohCahToa
  2. M.M.M.R.  
  3. Right Triangle Terms
  4. Permutations/Combinations
  5. 5 Little Steps
  6. Pythagorean Theorem
  7. Complements/Supplements
  8. Undefined Terms
  9. Linear Forms
  10. Parallelogram
  11. Geometric Mean
  12. Circle Formulas
  13. Classifying Triangles
  14. Right Triangle Shortcuts
  15. Capitals
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